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Karm Marg
What You can do !!


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What You can do !!
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Smallest help is better than the Greatest Intention!!

You can make a difference too...

Here's what you can do

A) Arrange resource
B) Give donation
C) Become a resource person.
D) Sponsor yearly requirements.
E) Help to create the village

From deep of our heart, we all want to share sorrows and help those who are helpless. The life is about making a difference to this world, If you don't then your presence or absence will not make a difference to it either. I alone or You alone can't do it --- but TOGETHER, WE WILL !!!

So Come Forward and Celebrate being a Human Being!!
Walk Along with us....

Contact Us

Hughes Software System - REACHOUT GROUP

Reachout is a group of around 20 enthusiastic software engineers from HSS, Gurgaon. The group has the vision to reachout to the needy and bring social awareness. Not only Karm Marg but Deep Ashram (Home for mentally challenged kids) and Godhuli (School for children of slum areas)are included in their "ready to grow" list. you want to join Reachout?
Do you want more information on Reachout?
DO you want to know about Deep-Ashram/Godhuli?

If YES then email at :-